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My baby girl just turned six months and I was looking for a new bottle for her to use. She was using [a different brand's] bottles. It leaked all the time and it was super difficult to see the ounces on the bottle. It had too many parts to it so cleaning was just a hassle. But I used the bottle because my daughter would only take the their style of nipple. When I saw the Joovy bottle I instantly fell in love!!! It's so modern looking. I love bottles that look different. When I saw the nipple I was a little skeptical to know if my baby would take it or not. So I bought the bottle and absolutely love them. They r so easy to clean and you can see the ounces on the bottle perfectly well and it does not leak. And my daughter had no problem with the new nipples. It's a great bottle if you want to transition from an old bottle.BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend (BRU)