The Only Stand-on Triple in the World!

The Big Caboose makes it possible to stroll with three young children! Your older child will feel empowered when they can choose to stand, sit or walk.

Why buy the Big Caboose?

This stand-on triple is a unique way to stroll with three children and gives you the option to use one or two infant car seats.

 Caboose Comparison Chart

Stand-on Platform

Built-in and profoundly stable. No need to attach extra board for standing riders.

Rear Bench Seat

Your toddler can sit on the rear bench seat & buckle up with the 3-point harness.

Two 2-Position Stadium Seats

Recline for naps on-the-go.

Two Large Canopies

Now larger for more coverage.

Two Child Trays

Perfect for snacks, sippy cups and toys.

Two Universal Car Seat Adapters

Included to create a travel system for one or two infant car seats. There’s plenty of room for your rear rider to stand.

 Car Seat Compatibility Chart

Large storage basket

Lots of storage for all your take-alongs.

One-step Linked Parking Brakes

4-Wheel Suspension

For a smooth ride.

Easy Trigger Fold

Folds easily. Please measure your trunk space to make sure there’s room for the Big Caboose Graphite.

Parent Organizer

Optional organizer holds keys, phone and beverages.

 See the Parent Organizer

Rain Cover

Installs easily and covers both kids when seated. (sold separately)
 See the Raincover

Add a Caboose Rear Seat

If your older child is less than 2.5 years old, add a full-size, front-facing, reclining rear seat until they are ready to stand. (sold separately)
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Big Caboose Graphite

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As the only stand-on triple in the world, the Big Caboose makes it possible to stroll with all three of your children! No need to navigate around an extra board attachment. With this stroller, you get two full-size seats and an integrated stand-on platform, centered within the wheelbase for an incredibly stable ride for your oldest child. The Big Caboose is a unique and fun way to stroll with your growing family and will surely turn heads everywhere you go.

The Big Caboose brings your family closer by empowering your oldest child. Not only will your oldest have the independence to sit, stand, or walk along the stroller, they will feel especially grown up, hopping off to check up on and take care of their younger siblings. With everyone together, each outing is sure to be a happy and enjoyable family experience.

The stadium seats are age-graded for children six months up to 40 lbs. These are spacious seats with plenty of legroom, and each seat reclines to 2-positions, making naps-on-the-go comfortable.

We’ve included two trays for your little ones as well as two car seat adapters. These adapters can be used with most infant car seats to create a double/twin travel system, while still having room for your oldest child to stand.

If your toddler is under 2 ½, you can add a full-size, forward-facing, reclining Rear Seat. The Big Caboose can be folded with this third seat installed - no need to remove. The Rain Cover is easy to install and will keep all three kids dry. Both of these accessories are available for purchase separately.

The Big Caboose is big, so we encourage you to measure your vehicle to make sure it fits.


Technical Specs

  • Material: 300D Polyester
  • Open Size: 55 x 21.5 x 44.25 in (L W H)
  • Folded Size: 63 x 21.5 x 14 in (L W H)
  • Stroller Weight 32.3 lbs
  • Front/Middle Seats Min. Age: Birth/6 months+
  • Front/Middle Seats Max. Weight: 40 lbs
  • Rear Seat Max Weight: 45 lbs
  • Rear Seat Max Height: 44 in