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Review Bloggers

Moms (and Dads) you’ve come to the right place to learn about the Joovy Blogging Program.  Joovy loves partnering with blogging professionals to review our products.  We also love to learn about you, your blog’s focus,your area of expertise and your passions.

We’d love to learn why you want to blog about Joovy, our brand and products and how they fit with your blog. There’s just a little bit of information we require of you and it’s all listed below. Please tell us about your site and the traffic. This helps us determine which item is best for your blog. Samples are for review and giveaway only, not for resale.

Please be sure to tell us which product is of interest to you. Be specific - product name and color. (do not say: anything, everything, or leave blank.)

Next step? We'll visit your site and take a look at previous reviews you have done. If we feel that we have a good fit, you'll be hearing from us.

The Joovy Blogging Program will serve you, your readers and fans of Joovy products with valuable information about our product features and cool new introductions and we look forward to working together.

Please submit your application only once. Thank you for your submission!

Guest Bloggers

Joovy is looking for guest bloggers!  If you would like to share a fun story about parenting, kids, outings or anything Joovy, please submit your post to for consideration. We love to hear from parents about how Joovy fits your into your active life, we love pictures of your kids and we just plain love to hear from you!

And, if you are an active review blogger, we invite you to take a look at our blogging program.  We think its one of the best programs around!