Boob Bottle and Nipple Brush

Our​ ​brush​ ​has​ ​a​ ​fresh​ ​new​ ​look​ ​and​ ​convenient​ ​features​ ​that​ ​make​ ​cleaning​ ​your​ ​Boob Baby​ ​Bottles​ ​easy​ ​and​ ​efficient.

DuPont™ Nylon Bristles

These high-performing bristles are soft to reduce scratching, yet durable for thorough cleaning. The curved brush head easily reaches all areas of your bottles.

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Boob Bottle Brush

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Our new Boob Bottle and Nipple Brush has a brand new style and distinctive new features. This elegant, all-white 2-in-1 brush has a splash of color that will look fresh in any kitchen and stand up to clean all your baby feeding products. Uniquely made with high-quality DuPont™ Nylon bristles, the brush features a curved head designed to reach all corners of your bottles and sippy cups. These high-performance bristles are soft to reduce scratching your bottles, yet durable enough for thorough cleaning. Nylon is preferential for cleaning baby bottles and sippy cups because it doesn’t harbor bacteria. The ergonomic, non-slip handle is comfortable and easy to grip while cleaning. The nipple brush features DuPont™ bristles as well and is stored conveniently in the handle of the bottle brush for easy access. A suction-cup base allows the brush to be self-standing at your kitchen sink or counter for air-drying. The Boob Bottle and Nipple Brush is dishwasher-safe and BPS, BPA, Phthalate, and PVC Free.


Technical Specs

  • Bottle Brush height 11 in
  • Nipple Brush height 4 in
  • DuPont™ Nylon Bristles