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The Boob Baby Bottle uses the best baby bottle technology available and is designed to make your feeding experience as enjoyable as possible. Our nipple, vent, and bottle work together to offer the most consistent feeding experience for your baby. Plus, with fewer parts, it’s the easiest system to clean and reassemble.

Incomparable Vent System

CleanFlow™ Vent

Venting is important because we want your baby to take in milk or formula, not air. When baby ingests air, they can become gassy which can lead to colic symptoms and fussiness. The CleanFlow™ Vent is the only one-piece internal system that works unlike any other design. Straightforward and efficient, the system uses a medical-grade silicone skirt as one side of the vent and the bottle’s inner wall as the other side. During feeding, air flows into the bottle through four evenly spaced openings, ensuring proper venting regardless of how you hold the bottle.

  • • One-piece internal vent.
  • • Anti-colic.
  • • Most consistent venting.
  • • Prevents nipple collapse.
  • • Vents consistently, no matter how the bottle is held.

Fewer Parts to Handle

Easiest to Clean and Reassemble

The CleanFlow™ Vent has four lock tabs that fit perfectly into the bottle’s rim, eliminating rotation and misalignment. This design eliminates over and under tightening, which can cause leaks and inconsistent liquid flows. With fewer parts to clean and handle, the Boob is the easiest bottle to clean and reassemble. Parents love that the Boob is more hygienic too - there is no need to touch the part of the vent that comes in contact with the liquid contents.

  • • Eliminates over and under-tightening.
  • • Non-leak design.
  • • Hygienic - Silicone skirt is the only part that comes in contact with liquids.
  • • Easiest-to-clean system.
  • • Fewer parts to reassemble.

The Perfect Latch

Advanced Nipples

    Breastfed babies take the nipple to the back of their mouth which means they open wide to latch at the breast. Our nipples are designed to mimic the breast shape to encourage deeper latching. We bake nipples twice, so they are durable enough to prevent nipple collapse, a frustrating experience for both baby and parent.

  • • Soft-to-the-touch.
  • • Wide base + elongated nipple.
  • • Durable to prevent nipple collapse.
  • • Food-grade silicone.
  • • Soft to the touch.
  • • Five precise liquid flow rates.
  • • Consistent flows.

Ergonomic and Beautiful

Bottles Available in Three Exceptional Materials

The selection of materials is unmatched with three distinct price points and performance levels; PPSU is the best, Glass is the historic favorite and PP is the cost-effective choice.

  • • All use the CleanFlow™ Vent Technology.
  • • Incredibly durable and dishwasher safe.
  • • All are BPS, BPA, phthalate, & lead free.
  • • Additional accessories available.

Naturally Nood Nipple

When Your Breastfed Baby Won’t Take A Bottle

Consider the Naturally Nood Nipple when your breastfeeding child won’t take a bottle. This accessory nipple is sold separately in 5 flows.

  • • Shaped to mimic the breast.
  • • Soft and stretches.
  • • Textured with outer wrinkles and inner bumps.
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natural boob nipple


Better Temperature Control

Breastfed babies have the perfect latch, the perfect flow and the perfect temperature milk. Our Boob Insulator is easy to use and helps maintain a consistent temperature during feedings.

  • • Freezer safe.
  • • For Boob PPSU and PP.
  • • 5oz and 9oz sizes.
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Formula Dispenser

Durable and Attractive

A charming container for formula or snacks with three equally sized compartments. Made from durable Tritan™.

  • • Made from durable Tritan™
  • • Three 8oz compartments.
  • • Easy to use.
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Breast Pump Adapters

Pump Directly into the Boob

Clean and convenient. Pump directly into the Boob for storage or transport. Compatible with major brands and works with our sealing cap and Insulator.

Sealing Caps

Store Formula and Breast Milk

Sealing caps are great for storing and transporting formula or breast milk. This handy accessory can be used with the Insulator too.

Bottle and Nipple Brushes

Easy Cleaning Accessories

  • • Fast, simple, thorough.
  • • Nylon bristles for easy cleaning.
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