Alice Hu

Hi! I’m Alice Hu, founder and owner of Yay! mats. In our photo you will see my husband Tim, my four year old Carter, and our newest arrival Emery. Carter adores his baby sister! The idea for Yay! Mats came while I was pregnant with my first little one, Carter. Being a photographer by trade, I had noticed that it was nearly impossible to find a play mat that was beautiful yet functional. And believe me when I say that I am an expert shopper (my husband would attest to this!). I searched all over and could not find an affordable yet stylish play mat that could protect my little one from all his falls. The mats were either too tacky with their brightly colored alphabets, or impractical and cumbersome. I wanted a play mat that I could pack in a flash and carry around with just one hand. Many mats were also not durable, and the cut out bits made a mess! And thus the idea for Yay! Mats was born!






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