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The Perfect Vent At Any Angle
We don’t feel arrogant at all when we say that this bottle vent is perfect. With an easy to use design that lets you feed at any angle and keep it sterile, even when you put the bottle together, the Joovy Boob CleanFlow Vent might be the smartest piece of bottle technology on the market.

  •      Feed at any angle — no more leaky bottles
  •      One piece design is easy to assemble and clean
  •      Easy to keep the bottle sterile — just grab the plastic ring
  •      Compatible with Joovy Boob bottles


Parents spend a LOT of time sterilizing bottle parts only to have to handle them with unsterile hands as they put them all back together again. We solved this problem in part by making a simpler vent — the Boob CleanFlow.

When you put the Joovy Boob bottle together, you only need to touch the plastic ring to attach the vent. The outside of the plastic ring makes it easy to grab the vent without transferring bacteria to the parts that touch milk, which means no germs have a chance to cover your clean bottles.

The brilliance is in the simplicity — a vent design that means you can feed at any angle while still allowing air to escape and keeping baby from getting colicky.


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