Boob Diamond Glass Bottle


Diamond Tough — Baby Approved

Meet the Boob Diamond Glass Bottle — the glass bottle that’s 50% less breakable than the original Boob Glass Bottle, as tough as Pyrex, and can go from freezer to bottle warmer without shattering. With its natural nipple shape, it’s perfect for picky babies — no matter how you feed.

  • 50% less breakable than the original Boob Glass
  • Temperature shock resistant
  • Tough enough to go from freezer to bottle warmer
  • BPA, BPS, phthalate, and lead free
  • Easy any-angle venting
  • Natural feel for breastfed babies
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Five different flow options, from newborn formula to cereal

One of the biggest hangups parents have with using glass bottles is the fear of them breaking. Joovy heard customers loud and clear — make it tougher.

Now stronger and more durable than ever, the best-loved Boob baby bottle has gone Diamond. It’s 50% stronger than the Boob Glass, and made of the same glass used by chemists in science labs.

This completely non-toxic and baby-safe bottle was built for clumsy hands and designed to hold up to all of parenting’s challenges (because you have enough to worry about). With the same incredible Boob bottle design, the Diamond glass bottle series works with all of our accessories and is 100% approved by picky eaters everywhere.

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Stronger for Life, Safer for Them

The Boob bottle has gone Diamond, and this time, it’s tougher than ever before. Introducing the strongest glass bottle on the market — the Joovy Boob Diamond.

Non-Toxic and Life-Approved

Our new and improved glass bottle is made from the same material used in science labs — borosilicate glass. The Boob Diamond glass bottles are as tough as Pyrex, and free of everything you don’t want your baby exposed to:

  • BPA/BPS Free
  • BPA and BPS are hormone disruptors, and we don’t think they have any place in your baby’s bottles.
  • Phthalate Free
  • Phthalates are shed by plastics into liquids and onto skin and have been linked to genetic defects. We NEVER use them in our products.
  • Lead Free
  • Because a cute pattern isn’t worth the risk of exposure to lead paints.

The Worry-Free Glass Bottle

Our new glass bottles are tougher than ever and are 50% less breakable than our original glass bottles.

No Stress About Temperature Shock

Thanks to their new material, the Boob Diamond glass bottles are safe to take from freezer to bottle warmer — no cringing when you warm them up.

New Material, Same Perfect Design

We reinvented our Boob bottles with the best glass in the industry, but they still have all of the perks parents (and babies) love:

boob nipple included

Any-Angle Vent System

Hold the bottle at any angle, and baby still won’t get air bubbles, thanks to our user-friendly, colic-preventing design

Breast-Like Bottles for Picky Babies

A wide nipple and mom-like shape make the Boob bottles perfect for breastfed and formula-fed babies alike.

boob nipple included

Boob Nipple

Our nipple is shaped deep and wide for a natural latch, making transitioning between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding easy and natural. The twice baked silicone is soft to the touch yet durable to prevent nipple collapse.
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natural boob nipple

Naturally Nood Nipple

(Sold separately)

Designed for babies who don't want to take a bottle, this accessory nipple has texture like mom's breast. Wrinkles and bumps help satisfy breastfeeding babies and make for easier transitions between bottle and breast. Wrinkles and bumps offer another familiarity, enhancing bottle feeding for breastfed babies.
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You Control the Flow

Choose from five different nipples for the flow that’s perfect for your baby’s age and stage, from infant formula to cereal.

You Control the Flow
Bottle Size
5 oz
8 oz
Included Nipple
Stage 1
Stage 2

Easy to Clean and Make

With just four parts, the Boob bottle series is a no-hassle way to get bottle cleaned and filled in record time.

Easy to Clean and Make

Custom Accessories for Custom Parenting

Attach them to a breast pump, store milk directly in the freezer, or mix formula perfectly every time.
Our Boob glass bottle accessories are all compatible with the Diamond line.

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Technical Specs

  • Materials: Borosilicate glass bottle, silicone nipple