Boob Glass/Boob Diamond Breast Pump Adapter 2pk


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One Container, No Mess

When you already do the dishes three times a day, it’s time to stop dirtying up breast milk containers every time you pump. The Boob Breast Pump Adapter works with most major breast pump brands and attaches right to the Joovy Boob Diamond & Joovy Boob Glass Bottles — no more messy transfers.

-Compatible with these and other major breast pumps:

    • o     Medela
    • o     NUK Electric
    • o     Spectra 1 and Spectra 2 
    • o     Lansinoh
    • o     Ameda
    • o     Simplisse
    • o     Playtex
    • o     Evenflo


-Compatible with glass Joovy Boob Diamond & Joovy Boob Glass Bottles (NOT plastic)

-Can be used with the Joovy Boob Insulator

When you’re done pumping, just put a Joovy Boob Sealing Cap on the bottle and put in the freezer — no mess, and no extra dishes to wash!


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