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Danielle and Adam

Our Joovy Boob Story

Bringing home quintuplets….can we just say a LOT of items were needed. One main thing we had to have for sure were a ton of bottles. When the girls were brought home, they all had reflux so their Doctor recommended we use a certain bottle. Though these specific bottles helped a ton with their reflux, going through 40 bottles a day and having to wash ALL THOSE PARTS… it just got exhausting. As the quints started to out grow their reflux, and us ‘outgrow’ washing bottle parts, I adventured out to try and find a different bottle to use. I literally went to the store and bought two bottles at a time of one brand, tried it out on each baby… and fail! Went back to the store a few days later and repeat, FAIL! UNTIL my friend Kylie recommend we try JOOVY BOOB bottles. I was certain I would have the same issues as I did with trying, literally, every other brand, but I was wrong! I FINALLY found a bottle that worked! The quints could drink from these bottles just as well as the bottles the Doctors recommended, and they had less parts. I was in heaven! So what happened next, I went to the store and bought every bottle they had on the shelf! We are still using these bottles to this day, a whole year later, while we transition to sippy cups.


Erin, Franks, and Owens Carrie we used these with our premature triplets. It is one of the only ones that worked for us. They were 29 weekers. Joovy this would be an amazing market to get into. They work great for preemies!!!! Especially breast fed preemies.


We just introduced a bottle yesterday and Cole didn't skip a beat. He took the joovy boob right away and then transitioned back to breastfeeding perfectly. Peace of mind for me for when I return to work. It's nice not to have to troubleshoot with bottles and get it right the first time.

Brandy and Brent

Brent is my third child and I've learned a lot from the first two.. that cleaning bottles can take up a ton of time. Time that a busy mom doesn't always have. So when I found out I was pregnant with Brent and started my registry I knew I had to find a solution to cleaning bottles for hours a day. When I first saw the Joovy Boob, I fell in love. It only had three pieces!! It's by far the best bottle and have used it since Brent was 3 months old and he transitioned great from the breast to this bottle. We started with the slow flow nipple and he's now 15 months and still loves his Joovy Boob bottles. I'm a huge fan of all Joovy products for their modern approach to baby products. They have thought of EVERYTHING! Thanks Joovy!