Boob Baby Bottle


Available in a three exceptional materials:
Ultra-premium PPSU
High-quality PP
good old-fashioned Glass
Incredibly durable. Dishwasher safe. BPS, BPA,
phthalate and lead free.


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CleanFlow™ Vent Helps Prevent Colic Symptoms

The innovative one-piece, quad-vented system is designed to reduce air intake and colic symptoms. This internal system is the easiest-to-clean and reassemble. During bottle assembly, there’s no need to touch the part of the vent that comes in direct contact with breast milk or formula making it hygienically superior.

A Nipple Shaped to Satisfy Baby

boob nipple included

Boob Nipple

Our nipple is shaped deep and wide for a natural latch, making transitioning between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding easy and natural. The twice baked silicone is soft to the touch yet durable to prevent nipple collapse.
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natural boob nipple

Naturally Nood Nipple

Designed for babies who don't want to take a bottle, this accessory nipple has texture like mom's breast. Wrinkles and bumps help satisfy breastfeeding babies and make for easier transitions between bottle and breast. Wrinkles and bumps offer another familiarity, enhancing bottle feeding for breastfed babies.
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Nipple Flows

Available in 5 flows starting with preemie, for newborns and breastfeeding babies, up to an X-cut for older babies and thicker fluids. Flow rates are consistent because orifices are molded, not cut, in the production process. 5oz Boob bottles include Stage 1 nipples and 9oz Boob bottles include Stage 2 nipples.

Bottle Size
5 oz
8 oz
9 oz
11 oz (clear only)
Included Nipple
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 2
Stage X

Better Temperature Control

Keep liquids at their desired temperature longer. This two piece insolation fits snugly around the PP and PPSU bottles.

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Breast Pump Adapter

Fits most major brands. Works with sealing cap and insulator. For PPSU and PP bottles only - not compatible with glass Boobs. Pump directly into the bottle for storage or transport.

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Cleaning Made Simple

We’ve made it really easy.

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Formula Dispenser

Durable Tritan™ plastic container with three 8 ounce compartments for formula or snacks.

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