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The Only Stroller You’ll Ever Need

Families grow, kids change, and finally, there’s a stroller that can keep up.

Built to last, the Qool can hold up to 110 lbs and seat up to three children, from newborns to toddlers. With optional extra seats, it’s never more than you want, and never less than you need — just get the accessories that suit your family.

Whether you have twins or an open mind about the future, the Qool will adapt, and you’ll never have to buy another stroller again.

Ready. Set. Customize.

You’re a family, and being together is everything. But it can also be overwhelming. Never compromise on making memories together with the stroller that grows and changes in every way you need it to.

With space for up to three kids and weighing only 30 lbs, the Qool is the stroller designed to grow as your family does. Multitask and manage a herd — never be outnumbered again.

Four Configurations

Baby can watch you or the crowd — you decide.

More Weight Capacity

No busted wheels, no dividing and conquering. Keep them all in one place in a stroller tough enough to handle the load, with a capacity of 135 lbs.

Weather Protection + Visibility

A big canopy for sun protection, with a window big enough to make sure they’re not putting Cheerios up their noses.

Grip That Doesn’t Split

A leatherette handlebar for a grip that doesn’t quit and split over time, like foam.

For Moms of Every Size

Adjustable telescopic handlebar, so you never have to hunch.

Make It a Double

No need to buy a new stroller, just add the Front Adapter and a Second Seat when you add a new baby to the family.

See Second Seat

Create a Travel System

Choose from over 10 + car seat models and create your own travel system.
Check your compatibility here

See Car Seat Adapters

Add Adapters and Do It All

Need a Second Seat? Want to stash your seat in your car seat to save space? Grab a set of Front Adapters for the most customizable stroller you’ll ever own.

See Front Adapters

Shopping Storage

No need to lug your bags around — just use this handy tote, attach it to the stroller, and keep your hands free.

See Tote

Stay Dry and See It All

Our Rain Cover is ventilated and see-through, so your kid never misses any of the fun and stays dry.

See Raincover


Technical Specs

  • Stroller Weight: 30.6 lbs
  • Open Size: 39.96 x 24.80 x 40.16 in (L W H)
  • Folded Size: 37.01 x 24.80 x 17.72 in (L W H)
  • Minimum Child Age:
    •   Birth+ with Bassinet/Car Seat Adapter
    •   6 months+ Qool Seat
    •   3 years Qool Bench Seat
  • Maximum Child Weight:
    •   Bassinet - 20 lbs
    •   Seat - 55 lbs
    •   Bench Seat - 55 lbs


Get the only stroller you’ll ever need — order your Qool now.

Our Qool is a premium, more accessible version of this style stroller offering more features and over 50 configurations. With four out-of-the-box, you get more than the competition offers from day one. You can position baby facing out to see the world or looking at you in high or middle seating levels. For naps-on-the-go, baby rides comfortably in the reclining cushioned seat. The stylish expandable canopy is fully adjustable, and baby will be visible through a unique mesh window providing 180-degree visibility. We’ve got you covered as baby grows with more weight capacity. Each seat carries up to 55 lbs. and the stroller can carry up to 135 lbs.

You’ll experience the smoothest stroll with the best of everything including rubber tires, sealed bearing wheels, front wheel suspension and a telescopic, leatherette handlebar. Larger wheels and tire contact area give a feeling of enhanced stability for more traction and responsiveness. You’ll have better momentum with less effort which makes the Qool easier to handle, especially going up curbs and navigating bumpy terrain.

Life happens fast and convenient accessories allow you to customize your Qool to create the perfect ride, especially as your family grows. The Qool easily converts from a single to a double or triple with simple click-in functionality that provides flexibility and quick customization. Create the perfect way to stroll with infants by adding the Bassinet or Car Seat adapters in multiple positions or add two for twins. Baby sleeps soundly in the ultra-soft bassinet while laying completely flat. You’ll love the convenience of the Car Seat Adapters, compatible with 10+ car seats, to create a travel system for smooth transitions from car to stroller. Your growing toddler loves to walk, but we all know what comes next. At the first, “I’m tired” you’ll be so happy for the Bench Seat. This seat has click-in installation and accommodates a child from 2.5 years up to 55 lbs.

Additional accessories like the Tray, Parent Organizer, and Tote let you personalize even more.