We’re the delinquents of the children’s products industry.
We don’t eat our vegetables, we always stay up past our bedtimes,
and we never let anyone tell us something can’t be done.


Here at Joovy, we’re not just corporate hotshots in an
office designing products to sell.

We’ve been where our customers are, and everything
we make reflects that. No more throwaway products,
no more ugly patterns and cheap design.

What we build here is designed to grow with
families, not fill up a crowded garage and be
outmoded the next time you have another baby.

We want you to get a Joovy product, and use it until
it’s run ragged by the memories you make together
as a family.


We think families are facing quality control issues — not just
with what they buy, but the time they spend together.

Time rushing from one appointment to the next. Answering
emails from work while we watch our kids’ soccer practice.

We’re spending time, but we’re not fully present in these
moments, we’re not always really there.

Joovy believes in making the most of the time you spend
together by truly spending it together, by making each
moment, however small, truly count with your family.


You can’t pour from an empty cup. Joovy believes
that happy, healthy parents produce happy, healthy
children. You can be a parent without losing what
makes you, you.

The wild, fun, spontaneous person you are doesn’t
have to stop when you have kids, you just have to
keep enjoying it with your new partners in crime.
New adventures await, and Joovy is here to make
sure your life becomes anything but routine.


Joovy believes in making people’s day with random acts of
generosity. Whether it’s a working mom who needs a bottle
that her baby will take, or a single dad who needs a stroller
that can handle more than one child, Joovy jumps right in.

We also believe in taking care of the people who take care of
us, the military families who sacrifice so much so that we can
live our best lives in a safe place. That’s why Joovy offers
military families a special discount — 10% off anything they
need to make every moment count when they’re together.


I’m Rob Gardner,

Chief Executive Dad here at Joovy, and founder of one of the coolest children’s gear brands around. When I became a dad myself, I looked at the products I was using, and knew somebody needed to do it better. I built this business from the ground up, but I didn’t do it without help. It started with my family, and grew to include some of the brightest and most talented people I know.

My Supportive Wife, Sarah

My wife has been here through the good times and the tough. She raised our kids while we raised a business together, testing competitor products, and wearing every hat imaginable to make it all work. She’s an amazing mom, and perfect as Joovy’s Director of Social Responsibility.

My Patient Mom, Jane

My mom has always looked out for us, and that never stopped when we started this business. She’s calm, entirely too patient with me, and incredibly organized. We’re proud to call her our Librarian here at Joovy.

My Enthusiastic Sister, Pam

She’s smart, collaborative, and she puts the boss in boss mom. — all qualities that make her a great Vice President of Sales here at Joovy.

My Handyman Brother, Greg

Greg’s the rational one of the two of us. He needs me to be daring and creative, just as much as I need him to make me sit down and do the critical work of running a successful business.