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Let your stroller do the heavy lifting for you. The Qool Tote Bag makes you less pack mule, more power parent, so you can run errands and enjoy trips without an arm full of shopping bags.

-Four large mesh pockets for easy organization

-Snaps into the Qool — no swinging bags

-Closes securely at the top

-Holds up to 25 lbs

-Compatible with the Qool stroller

Stroller clips are great, but when you get sick of a swinging bag hitting you every three feet, the Qool Tote Bag has you covered. Carry it or snap it to your stroller — our stylish tote holds up to 25 lbs and is perfect for stashing your shopping in.

Snapping perfectly in the Joovy Qool Tandem stroller, this tote has four roomy compartments so you can drop and grab whatever you need without a shuffle. When it’s time to pack it in, the top of this sturdy tote closes securely.